USD $399
  • Foldable Design
  • 1.2kg Weight / 3kg Tested Payload
  • Quick Switch to Vertical Shooting
  • 1'' OLED Screen
  • Max 14hr Fast-Charge Batteries
  • Titan Stabilization Algorithm

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What’s Inside the Box?

  • Gimbal (Built-In Battery)

    × 1

  • USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm)

    × 1

  • Lens Support

    × 1

  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm)

    × 1

  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Sony Multi, 30 cm)

    × 1

  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro-USB, 30 cm)

    × 1

  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Mini-USB, 30 cm)

    × 1

  • Hook-and-Loop Strap

    × 2

  • D-Ring Camera Mounting Screw 1/4"-20

    × 2

  • Screw 1/4"-20

    × 1

  • Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)

    × 1

  • Camera Riser

    × 1

  • Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic)

    × 1

Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • What are the differences between Ronin-SC and DJI RSC 2?

    The motors of DJI RSC 2 are 50% more powerful than those of Ronin-SC. Equipped with a 1-inch black-and-white screen and Front Dial, DJI RSC 2 also features a foldable design, allowing it to adapt to any scenario with more flexibility.

  • Can DJI RSC 2 charge the camera mounted on it?

    With the multi-camera control cable, DJI RSC 2 can provide power to some camera models. Refer to the DJI Ronin Series Compatibility Search for more information on cameras that support this feature.

  • What cameras and lenses are supported by DJI RSC 2?

  • Can I adjust camera parameters in the Ronin app?

    Yes. You can adjust parameters like ISO and exposure when using certain cameras with DJI RSC 2 in the Ronin app. You can set parameters in "Create" -> "Camera Settings.”You can also use the OLED screen to enter the front dial settings page and select a parameter to be controlled by the front dial, such as ISO and aperture. For compatible camera models, please refer to the Ronin Series Compatibility Search at dji.com.

  • What Ronin products does the Ronin app support?

    The Ronin app supports Ronin 2, Ronin-S, Ronin-SC, DJI RS 2, and DJI RSC 2.

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