Osmo Mobile 6

USD $159
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Built-In Extension Rod
  • Quick Launch
  • ActiveTrack 5.0
  • Easy Tutorials and One-Tap Editing
  • Magnetic Quick-Release Design

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What’s Inside the Box?

  • Osmo Mobile 6

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  • DJI OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 3

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  • Grip Tripod

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  • Power Cable

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  • Storage Pouch

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Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • How is Osmo Mobile 6 upgraded compared with DJI OM 5?


    1. A new status panel to view the current gimbal mode more conveniently.

    2. A new axis lock to secure the gimbal for convenient storage.

    3. A new side wheel to control zoom and focus.

    4. The joystick has been upgraded to provided better operating experience.


    1. Osmo Mobile 6 adds a magnetic alignment detection function. When the dots on the Magnetic Phone Clamp and gimbal are not aligned correctly, the system indicator on the status panel blinks red. This facilitates quick and accurate attachment so you can use with peace of mind.

    2. Osmo Mobile 6 provides improved ActiveTrack for more stable tracking at longer distances. It also supports the front camera to track the profile and turning around of the subject.

    3. New Quick Launch feature for faster use.

    4. The M button of Osmo Mobile 6 can switch between gimbal modes. With the status panel, operation is more intuitive and accurate. Four mode icons are clear at a glance on the display.

    5. The Magnetic Phone Clamp has been upgraded for a more secure attachment of large phones. and lets you snap in without the hassle of removing your phone case.

  • What’s great about LightCut? I’m a beginner, is it easier to create videos when using Osmo Mobile 6 with the LightCut app?

    1. LightCut is a video editing app officially recommended by DJI. It provides intuitive shooting and editing functions that perfectly fit the use of DJI users.

    2. LightCut supports shooting templates in a range of scenarios: Outing, parks, camping, seaside, city, children, store visiting, sports, etc. It breaks down creative scripts and provides extensive guidance for you to create impressive videos effortlessly. When connecting to Osmo Mobile devices, it also supports ActiveTrack, stabilization, and Glamour Effects.

    3. After shooting, enter the One-Tap Edit function and select the original clips you have taken. One-Tap Edit automatically recommends templates according to your clips, covering nature, city, home, store visiting, food, pets, festival, and many other scenarios, and intelligently selects great clips to generate video without your manual edit.

    In the meantime, you can also switch to many other templates, change the clips, or select music, filters, text, and stickers. Effortless editing allows you to share your work right away.

  • What phones are supported by Osmo Mobile 6?

  • What is the magnetic force of Osmo Mobile 6? Is it strong enough to securely fix my phone to the gimbal?

    The magnetic force of Osmo Mobile 6 is 47.5 Newtons (approximately the force needed to hold two 2-liter soda bottles), more than enough strength to keep smartphones attached securely.

  • Can I use Osmo Mobile 6 instantly when it’s attached to the phone? Does Osmo Mobile 6 require balancing before use?

    No. Due to its powerful motors, accurate balancing is not needed for Osmo Mobile 6. When using the Magnetic Phone Clamp, simply attach it approximately to the middle of the phone.

  • Can I use a phone case when attaching my smartphone to the Magnetic Phone Clamp?


  • What’s great about the built-in extension rod of Osmo Mobile 6? What’s the max extension length?

    The rod has undergone precision processing and can be extended smoothly up to 215 mm. With the extension rod, you can include a wider view and record from low angles easily without bending down.

  • How is Osmo Mobile 6's ActiveTrack 5.0 upgraded from ActiveTrack 4.0?

    ActiveTrack 5.0 provides more stable tracking at longer distances. It also supports the front camera to track the profile and turning around of the subject.

  • Can ActiveTrack 5.0 follow pets and children? How reliable is it?

    Yes. However, the precision may differ between smartphones, and it performs better when tracking a single child (0 to 6 years old) or pet.

  • What Timelapse modes are supported by Osmo Mobile 6? In what scenarios do I use them, respectively?

    1. Timelapse is suitable for mounting the gimbal on a tripod or base to record the passing of time in a fixed scene.

    2. Motionlapse allows users to record a moving timelapse video from different angles using preset camera positions.

    3. Hyperlapse allows users to record everything passing by as they hold the gimbal in hand and walk. With ActiveTrack 5.0, you can unlock more creative possibilities.

1. Tested when following a single subject.