DJI Transmission

USD $2,499
  • 20,000ft 1080p/60fps Transmission
  • Seamless Auto Frequency Hopping
  • End-to-End Ultra-Low Latency
  • Integrated Wireless Receiver
  • Gimbal/Focus/Camera Control
  • Independent Recording and Playback

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What’s Inside the Box?

  • Video Transmitter

    × 1

  • High-Bright Remote Monitor

    × 1

  • Remote Monitor Hood

    × 1

  • WB37 Battery Adapter (TX)

    × 1

  • WB37 Intelligent Battery

    × 2

  • WB37 Battery Charging Hub (USB-C)

    × 1

  • NP-F Battery Adapter (TX)

    × 1

  • NP-F Battery Adapter (RX)

    × 1

  • USB-C to LEMO Power Cable

    × 1

  • RS Gimbal Mounting Plate

    × 1

  • USB-C Cable

    × 1

  • SDI Cable

    × 1

  • DC Power Cable

    × 1

  • DC to P-TAP Power Cable

    × 1

  • Installation Toolkit

    × 1

  • Protector Case

    × 1

  • Ronin Video Transmission Antenna

    × 2

Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • In which scenarios should I use DJI Transmission?

    As a cinematic-grade video transmission system, DJI Transmission can be widely used when shooting films, TV dramas, TVCs, reality shows, documentaries, sporting events, concerts, and in many other scenarios. It provides long-range video and audio transmission with ultra-low latency for the production crew and clients. Independent recording and playback also brings greater convenience for coordinated shooting as this feature eliminates traditional barriers to communication and improves efficiency. When used with Ronin 2 or other RS-series stabilizers, it provides longer transmission distance for mobile shooting, and more efficient and accurate control of the gimbal, focusing, and the camera in scenarios that use vehicle mounts, sliders, cable cams, and jibs, making coordinated shooting more professional and reliable.

  • What devices are compatible with DJI Transmission?

    Devices that support outputting SDI and HDMI signals.

  • What is the highest live feed specification that can be transmitted by the HDMI port on the Remote Monitor Expansion Plate? Does it support HDMI input?

    It supports transmission at up to 1080p/60fps.

    It only supports HDMI output, and does not support HDMI input. You can input HDMI signals via the HDMI port on the right side of the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor.

  • Do the DJI Video Transmitter and DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor support V-mount batteries?

    Yes. You can use third-party V-mount battery adapter plates to use V-mount batteries as a power supply.

  • Can the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor work with third-party video transmitters?

    Currently, the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor only works with the DJI Ronin 4D Video Transmitter or DJI Video Transmitter, and does not support video transmitters of other brands.

  • Does DJI Transmission support third-party antennas?

    It is recommended to use DJI standard antennas; otherwise, signal strength may be weaker.

  • How many transmission modes does DJI Transmission support? And how many DJI High-Bright Remote Monitors can be connected at the same time?

    There are two transmission modes: Control mode and Broadcast mode.

    In Control mode, two DJI High-Bright Remote Monitors can be connected at the same time. In Broadcast mode, an unlimited number of receivers can be connected.

1. Measured in Control mode with FCC compliance in a standard, interference-free environment.

2. Sold separately.

DJI Transmission will be available from September 2022.